"I wanna govern" 
You've had a year and a half not including the 4 years of preparation and you've been a failure by your own standards.

"National daycare" - couldn't do it and now we've got a mismash of unique provincial agreements

"Fix healthcare for a generation" - did you mean that you would be trying to fix it for a generation?

"I am proud to be part of a government that is determined to address the very real sense of alienation that exists in British Columbia and across the West, and I have declared plainly that if I fail as prime minister to diminish that feeling at the end of my mandate, then I feel I will have failed," said Martin in June 2003.

The BMD debacle?

Heck - your biggest accomplishment is launching an inquiry that showed that you didn't know that the largest political kickback scheme in our country's history was going on under your nose in your party in your province! I don't believe you didn't know but hey, it's all you've got.

You wanna govern? You had your chance and you sucked at it.

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