Culture of entitlement - local chapter 
Liberal candidate in Ottawa Centre, Martin buddy, and Adscam non-whistleblower Richard Mahoney doesn't get it. His campaign manager doesn't get it.

First it was lobbying, now it's using our government's resources...
Ottawa lawyer Richard Mahoney is getting help on his election campaign from Liberal staffers in cabinet ministers' offices, who have circulated "talking points" for the Ottawa Centre candidate on government e-mail addresses and, in the case of one aide, met with residents of the riding to discuss a controversial parole office.
The ethics code that covers exempt staff prohibits the use of government equipment for anything other than "officially approved activities," according to a spokesman for the ethics commissioner. Treasury Board's policy on the use of electronic networks expressly prohibits using government computers for political activity.
Mr. Mahoney did not respond to requests for comment. David Small, his campaign chairman, said while some lines may been blurred, it is a fact of life in Ottawa that cabinet ministers' aides are politically active -- particularly on the eve of an election.

We are sick of the Liberals using our government as their sandbox.

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