Corruption - serious, dangerous corruption 
Read Bob's latest post on Let it Bleed summarizing the most recent example of abuse of our judicial system.

His concluding paragraph:
As I mentioned before, when other evidence of Liberal corruption of the legal system was brought to light, I really didn't think that I lived in a country which tolerated these sorts of banana republic idiocies. In a perverse Orwellian twist, the mantra of the Liberal party is that the executive (i.e., the Prime Minister) needs to maintain explicit control of the judicial appointments process so as to "preserve" the independence of the judiciary - when in fact their actions show that they are engaged in the exact opposite: they are corrupting the judiciary, and by extension, the entire legal structure of the country, by retaining the unfettered right to appoint whomever they wish (meaning, in practice, Liberals). This isn't just a shame, it's a disgrace.

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