Brison - 'slanderous lies against Harper' 
Corbella's column today contains this:
Duff Conacher, co-ordinator of Democracy Watch, an Ottawa-based watchdog agency, gives Harper's ethics plan an A-plus and Brison a great big F. He says had this ethics package been in place, the Liberal's $331-million sponsorship scandal "could not have happened." But Conacher says the main thing missing from Harper's ethics plan is an "honesty in politics law" that would make it illegal for politicians to make false claims and promises -- in the same way that advertisers are outlawed from making phoney claims about their products.
"The Conservatives introduced THE best ethics and accountability platform ever in the history of Canadian government on Friday and Scott Brison responds with slanderous lies against Harper while using government resources," says Conacher. "Brison's unethical, partisan attack is proof why we need an honesty in politics law."
Brison accused Harper of "illegal behaviour" while president of the NCC. As a result, Brison, who has since issued limp, written apologies, is being threatened with libel suits by Harper, the NCC and an ethics complaint by Democracy Watch.

Updates can be read at Gerry Nicholls' blog.

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