Bits and bites 
Mmmm. Bits and bites.

This is interesting:

Be it resolved that the Liberal Party of Canada shall request Parliament to consider other methods of safeguarding and protecting the public health care system other than by prohibiting private health insurance;
Be it further resolved that we shall support all efforts to reduce waiting times by means that go beyond simply prohibiting private health insurance plans;
Be it further resolved that we recommend considering practices that make room for private initiatives whose terms and conditions will be supervised by the government.
This post highlights the ridiculousness of the anti-Christmas election talk.
The Liberal plan has an election on April 10th. The day after Palm Sunday, right in the middle of Passion Week and right at the end of Lent.
I agree with Sinister Thoughts, to praticing Catholics (of which I include myself) Easter is much more important than Christmas. Easter is the central event in Christianity (do I really need to explain this?) but somehow the Liberals do not seem concerned.
Or, as Martin would say, Canadians want to see the Easter Bunny and not politicians. There was also a CBC piece - surprise, surprise - last week on how the opposition proposed date falls on Chinese New Year.

Conclusion - this can't come soon enough in my opinion:
"I think you've seen in the last 24 hours proof positive that this government,
the life of this parliament ... is about to come to an end."

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