Battle for the NDP - Buzz vs the politicians with Jack! in the middle 
This article in the Globe is more important than most will realize. Buzz says:
"I don't think bringing down the government makes any sense," he said yesterday. "We should try to make the government work . . . there's just too much to be done to force an election."
"For us, the best our party can hope for is another minority situation, but we already have that, so what's the advantage of holding an election?" he asked.

The article also says, "long-time MPs Ed Broadbent and Bill Blaikie are pushing for a vote."

While Ed and Bill may be the soul of the party, we know who is the wallet.

Flashback to the last vote:

"We shared with him, quite forcefully, I would add, that the labour movement was not anxious to have an election," Mr. Hargrove said yesterday. "We saw absolutely no reason that we couldn't make use of the minority situation in Parliament to make some gains on the issues that were important to working people."

They told Mr. Layton they would not support him if he planned to side with the Conservatives and Bloc on an early election.

Mr. Layton got the message, and asked Mr. Hargrove to deliver one to the Prime Minister, whom the union leader was scheduled to meet the next day in Windsor.

"A little push and that was my role at the request of Jack Layton," Mr. Hargrove said. "I said to him that Jack Layton is very unlikely to make a commitment beyond the budget in writing, but I said you have to trust that he is not going to support a non-confidence motion immediately after the budget. He knows he does not have the labour unions' support for an election and we're pretty key to that."

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