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Adscam whistleblower and Ottawa South Conservative candidate Allan Cutler's message to the residents of Ottawa South:
When confronted with decisions like the one you’re being asked to make on January 23, people sometimes describe having to choose between what’s right and what’s easy. Rarely is the answer to both questions the same.

But rarely have we been given today’s unique opportunity.

I believe in the Conservative Party of Canada, and in Stephen Harper as our next prime minister, because I know we can make a difference – not only for the residents of Ottawa South but for all Canadians.

I believe in responsible government that respects our trust and sees our collective potential, in government that commits itself to goals built on principle – not entitlement.

It’s about accountability.
It’s about public service for the right reasons.
It’s about integrity.

And, when it comes to integrity in government for Canadians, it’s about time.

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