Some props to Red Ed 
Broadbent asks Belinda a question and gets an answer from McCallum:

Hon. Ed Broadbent (Ottawa Centre, NDP): Mr. Speaker, my question is for the
Minister for Democratic Renewal.
The head of the Public Service Commission revealed yesterday that 35 former Liberal staffers have received preferred, non-competitive access to well paying public sector jobs.
This continuation of cronyism undermines competitiveness and objectivity in the public service. It is not allowed in Britain. It should not be allowed in Canada. What is the minister doing to put an end to this undemocratic practice?

Hon. John McCallum (Minister of National Revenue, Lib.): Mr. Speaker, the first thing I would say is that this policy has existed since 1967 with royal assent of the Public Service Employment Act. Section 39 of the Public Service Employment Act provides certain persons working in ministers' offices with a limited entitlement to be appointed without competition to positions in the public service for which they are
This is a practice which has existed since 1967 and applies to a very limited number of people, who must be qualified.

Did you see the answer? They are quite happy with the current practice.

(Hat-tip to AGWN)

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