Maybe this is why I didn't get any severance? 
M. K. Braaten:

“…he knew that Martin had illegally fed contracts to Earnscliffe”
The following are notes that Warren Kinsella wrote down about the Earnscliffe/Martin affair in the mid nineties. He presented these notes to the Public Accounts committee last spring.
Nov. 20 - HOME - Carle calls in a.m. Martin went to see Pelletier to say I leaked cottage story to Mike Duffy. Never spoken to Duffy in my life! DCD said that was enough for him. Send him memo (Martine [Menard], [Bruce] Young help) on when we had been informing Herle and Earnscliffe [about allegations for their response]…DCD [David Dingwall] calls on cell later - says he told Martin to fuck off and that he knew that Martin had illegally fed contracts to Earnscliffe. Pelletier there too. YAHOO!
Emphasis added
Could this be why Paul Martin is so insistent that David Dingwall receive his half a million dollar severance when there is no legal requirement to do so?

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