It says it all 
Give me a break.

Remember this the next time someone goes on at length about the value of the CBC to the country:
The CBC and the union representing locked out workers were hammering out details of a plan Monday to get workers back on the job starting this week, and observers say the looming spectre of Saturday's Hockey Night in Canada broadcast has added increased urgency to the talks.
The two sides met briefly with federal Labour Minister Joe Fontana early Monday for a brief congratulatory meeting after an agreement in principle was struck to resolve the seven-week lockout.
They then returned to meetings aimed at agreeing on a timetable to get workers back on the job.
Details on that process were expected later in the day, with a phased-in approach to bringing people back the likeliest scenario.
CBC spokesman Jason MacDonald said the broadcaster is hopeful things may start to return to normal within days.
"We want people coming back this week and programming returning to normal this week and things fully back to normal as soon as possible," he said.
Speculation has been rife that CBC wanted to resolve the dispute before the start of the hockey season, which kicks off Wednesday and sees its first Hockey Night in Canada broadcast scheduled for Saturday.
Mr. MacDonald said that, regardless of the timeline agreed upon in Monday's meeting, hockey will be on the air this weekend.
"Everybody wants Hockey Night in Canada back," Mr. MacDonald said.
"One way or another we will have hockey Saturday night. What it looks like will depend on how quickly we can get people back and all of that."
A government source, however, told globeandmail.com that the looming spectre of hockey's return added an extra measure of urgency to Monday's back-to-work discussions, with both sides eager for the show to go on as usual.
"There's some urgency to ensure everything's ready for Hockey Night in Canada," one source told globeandmail.com.

Yes - I love Hockey Night in Canada. The fact that it's the ONLY reason the CBC is back on is ridiculous.

How much do we subsidize the CBC? 900 million a year?

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