Wells on the GG 
Herman Goodden of the London Free Press asks "Why the sudden hush about Michaelle Jean?" (ht NealeNews of course)

I guess he didn't read the new Maclean's? Wells stirs up the pot with paragraphs like these:
In one fascinating section of the book, Lafond essentially offers his readers a lesson in getting money from a federal agency for a film about separatists. He publishes the proposal, or "scenario," for La liberté en colère. Of necessity, he says, it contains "all the smoke signals which serve as a dialogue" with National Film Board decision-makers. As such, "it has more to do with compromise than with provocation," he says.
"Of course, nobody is fooled," Lafond continues. "Everybody knows the scenario will be blown up in the course of making the film."
One element of PMO spin during last week's uproar was that when we see the group toasting "to independence! To independences!" the reference is to Martinique's independence, not Quebec's. But in the companion book to his film, Lafond says precisely the contrary. "Then the question of independences arises," he writes. "That of Quebec of course, of Martinique, and the lesson we can take from Haiti's."
The conversation leads to a moment that was not discussed during any of last week's controversy. Gérald Godin has the floor. "What characterizes a Quebec politician is persistance. One must be patient and patience will yield results because sooner or later, time will have gone by. The result is that Quebecers are much more ready for action today than they were during the 20 years leading up to the 1980 referendum.
Which is why, the situation having changed, I raise my glass to the imminent sovereignty of my country."
The others raise their own glasses for this toast, Lafond writes. If Michaëlle Jean excused herself from the table, or gently chided her colleagues that if anyone can tell the difference between colonial Martinique and Canada, it's her, her husband neglected to take note.
Maybe if an MP threatens to vote down the government over her appointment then Martin will change his mind - it seems to be the best way to get his attention.

Seriously though - she will become the next Governor General. We just have another example of the Martin PMO's incompetence.

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