Oh, btw, I'm kind of on holidays... 
In case you've wandered by here in the past couple of weeks.

I've been keeping a close watch on the NHL signings and Ottawa's attempt to resign all of their players. Lindros to Toronto will be fun to watch for sure. I'll predict Hossa will be signing a 2 year deal for around 9.5 million or a 4 year one for about $22 before his arbitration hearing comes up.

I made a bet with my brother, a Leafs fan, that Toronto would win 35 or fewer games this year. $5 of mine is riding on them doing it. That would put them around 0.500 and close to making the playoffs.
I'll also say here that if Allison, Lindros, and Belfour combine to miss 80 games or more, I'll win.

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