It's all riding on Hasek 
With the Hossa signing (18 million over 3 years), it looks like the Sens are at about $37.5 million for this year.

Chris McMurtry over at Hockey Country breaks it down - he has Hossa at $6 million for this year but his salary will be 5, 6, and 7 million over the three years.

Only $2 million of this payroll is being spent on their two goalies - maybe the lowest in the league? If Hasek does get injured the Sens are going to be forced to trade salary in order make room for a decent replacement.

Let's hope Dominik did more than ride the stationary bike for the past couple of years.

Next year will see raises for Chara, Redden, Spezza, Havlat, .... = something is going to give. As Chris says, "The time is now."

UPDATE: Looks like I'm wrong about the contract averaging and $6 million will count towards the cap meaning the Sens are at $38.5 million.

UPDATE2: Trade rumour - oh baby - Heatley a Senator?

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