Could it happen? 
For some reason, I think Howard Bloom's a bit of a joke in the hockey world but this tidbit was nice to read:
Bloom predicts the agreement will include a salary cap "and that's extremely good for the Canadian markets."
"I would be very, very surprised if in the medium term we didn't have teams back in Winnipeg and Quebec City," he said.
"It didn't work in those places the last time because it couldn't work economically, not because there wasn't enough fan support."
In order for the NHL to survive, it's going to have to make the game more fan-friendly, Bloom says. It is also going to have to re-evaluate the hockey markets.
"Hockey was never going to work in the American southeast, and the sooner they get rid of those franchises, the stronger a business they'll be."

Gretzky may have helped kill Winnipeg by helping to end their seasons year after year in the 80s, drive up salaries, and by having success in LA it helped lead the Jets to Phoenix.
Maybe he'll be the guy to move the Jets back home?

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