Arabian dissent 
Hab fan and Blogging Tory 'Arabian Knight' from Montreal commented below which led me to his new blog. In his profile:
Random rants from a 23 year old Arab-Canadian on, American, Canadian and Middle Eastern Politics. Here come the shockers: I'm a big supporter of George W. Bush and his anti-terrorism efforts. A strong believer in small-government and Reaganomics (while residing in the most left-wing location in North America, Quebec), and a supporter of the Conservative Party of Canada. Started this blog hoping to refute lefty myths on Economics, Conservatism, Terrorism, the Middle East and the US.

I found his post on racial profiling at airports to be interesting - maybe as I've been flying more often. I wonder if he'd feel the same way if we were talking about Montreal buses, the subway, or even the workplace?

Great start to the blog. One thing I should mention - if any of you Blogging Tory folks want to take on some lefties - drop into the E-Group - leave a few comments and after a while, if you think it would suit you, ask Jim if you can join the group. I haven't been able to contribute to the debate from a conservative perspective lately and it would be a shame if the E-Group becomes a leftist only site.

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