Real Mike's thought 
Many bloggers have commentors that are always there to add to your site - I've got Real Mike. His comment on the last post is a good one:

Let's be clear on the status quo. Private health care exists. It is just illegal to have services provided by the provincial health plan to be insured privately in Canada (except workmans compensation). Currently you can pay cash in Canada for covered or non-covered health services. Currently you can buy insurance for non-covered health services.
This ruling allows insurance to be available for covered health services. This is important as it will allow private health services to be accessed more conveniently, in particular expensive procedures with low rates of occurrence.
It is important to note that insurance is not free; there is a cost. It is also important to note that cost increases with chance of claim and isn't necessarily even available when the risk of claim becomes excessively high. For example, a 70 year old is unlikely to be able to purchase health insurance for anything yet alone hip replacement, even if they have no history of hip problems. Why? Because the likelihood of hip replacement is very high and charging a $10,000 premium for a $20,000 service isn't going to generate many sales for the insurance company.
The right to buy insurance is a step in the right direction. However, for the geriatric crowd the options will remain, provincial health services or cash; that is, the status quo.

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