Reaching Out 
James Bow (who's having a baby soon) started it, and Andrew 'tagged' me so here it goes....

Name three political individuals (they don't have to be politicians; they can be bloggers) with whom you frequently disagree. Be careful who you choose, because you'll have to use them in your next answer.

Alan at Gen X at 40
Jim Elve

For each individual, identify one characteristic of theirs that you admire, or one policy of theirs that you strongly agree with and write a paragraph or two on why.

All three of these guys are loud and proud leftists so you'll understand why I rarely agree with their thoughts on policy.

I will say what I admire about them though - sorry I don't have time for a paragraph:

Pogge: Usually well thought out posts and has showed fortitude in staying on topics that he started blogging about - Arar for example.

Alan: Great at cheating on his sports pools.

Jim: BlogsCanada is a great resource for new bloggers and I've enjoyed the E-Group he started despite it also causing me so much frustration.

I tag you three.

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