NHL in the fall? 
Many people don't trust uber-rumour-blogger Eklund but Bob's now saying the same thing:
At first glance, it looks like standard fare - lots of work to be done, meetings next week - but it's the final line where he says, "at which time we hope to begin discussing a myriad of other CBA issues" that could actually signal a somewhat momentous breakthrough.
The key phrase here is "other CBA issues," with "other" meaning, not financial or accounting.
Which appears to imply that the really heavy lifting on nailing down the nuts and bolts of a new economic system, from defining what is hockey-related revenue to deciding what percentage the players will get to what is the salary floor, the salary ceiling, the payroll range and all other matters relating to salary cap-ology have been agreed to.

I hope Hasek's been staying in shape.

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