Molson Canadian presents.... 
Cue the bass beat.

Stephen Harper - coming to a neighbourhood barbeque near you.
People, for all kinds of reasons, have a misperception of Harper, says Tory deputy leader Peter MacKay.
And, MacKay adds, Harper knows it."He's also come to understand that people have to like you," MacKay said outside the weekly Conservative caucus meeting on Parliament Hill.
"And they will like him."
MacKay says Harper is smart, honest, hard working and funny, and he needs to show that to voters.
"I think we have to show a sunny disposition and show to Canadians that we're competent, we're professional, we're disciplined and we're ready to govern," he said.
"That takes some doing, and it takes some time."
To that end, the Tory leader will be hitting the barbecue circuit like never before, glad-handing his way from one event to another.

I think it's a good idea.

Now it would be a great idea if Mackay drove the party van and carried in the 2-4 as they crashed backyard parties across the country.

Okay - drove the party van to the first one - and then let Stock drive afterwards.

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