A little break from the ordinary 
There's a book thing going around - you fill in the blanks and then tag five other bloggers - they then have to do the same. Jay Jardine tagged me - maybe because I gave him a book for a going away present when he left Ottawa?

# of books I own:
Not including children's books or my wife's or reference books - only around 10 I would guess. I don't actually understand why you would keep a book after you've read it - not that I'm a big reader - same with VHS/DVDs. Music I keep.

Last Book I Bought:

Rene Levesque's Memoirs I think at the used book sale at my daughter's school. I really enjoyed reading it - it was translated. Not sure if any Liberals have questioned the translation.

Last Book I Read:

The Pokey Little Puppy - read to the youngest one last night.

5 books that mean a lot to me:

The Grizzly King - a book I remember my Dad reading to my brother and I. It's about Thor - a mighty Grizzly in the Rockies.

Go Dog Go - a Seuss-like book that I loved as a kid and one I love reading to mine. "Do you like my hat?" "No, I do not like that hat."

The Stone Angel, Grapes of Wrath, and Who has seen the Wind - books we had to read in high school. I don't have time to do any serious self-inspection here but these books really felt comfortable to me (perhaps due to a rural background) and I think they developed my views on relationships and self.

My parents encyclopedia set - not a book I know but the hours I spent reading whatever letter in my room on a rainy day, in the bathroom, or whatever has to be worth a lot.

Number five, ummm, can't think of a good one. The old copy of King Arthur perhaps my parents had. Empire Lite I read a couple of years ago - it's pretty good though very short read for providing a view of American military intervention in Kosovo/Bosnia/Afghanistan.

Honourable mention: Homelessness - a book by Jack Layton that cemented the impression I first had that the man is not going to light many fires in this country. A very serious topic - Layton makes it into a work of self-promotion and terrible writing - I had a hard time reading it.

I think I've learned that I haven't read many books since having children - that's probably normal for somebody who uses what little free time they have to watch/play sports or blog.

Okay, now for the fun part. I tag....
Patrick from Shamrocks!
Andrew from Bound by Gravity
Andrew of the Spicer variety
lets see, who else....
Fletcher from Living in a Society
and (man, has everybody done this already, oh, here's one) Paul Wells
Oh - one more - I'd love to see what Sean of PolSpy thinks.

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