It's almost enough to make you cry - so I'll try to laugh... 
I have managed to get into the head of Mike Eizenga - I'll share his thoughts as he wrote this letter:

June 28, 2005

Dear Mr. ,

It was one of the most intense sessions of Parliament in Canadian history. (Holy shit! We were behind in the polls and we didn't have 8 months to prepare for an election!) Last month, Stephen Harper and the Bloc Quebecois almost got their wish for an election by putting their personal ambitions ahead of the needs of the country. (The nerve of them to think that their votes are equal to ours. We'll leave when we think it's best for the country.)

Canadians almost faced an election to further a neoconservative and separatist agenda. (I love that line - love it! Leave it all by itself!)

When parliament resumes this fall, Mr. Harper will try to bring the house down once again - even when Prime Minister Paul Martin has committed to an election 30 days after the final report from Justice Gomery. (Need to start stressing final report now - not the interim report - FINAL report)

Because of the ongoing Conservative – Bloc threat, (could I say neocon again?) we have to ensure our readiness to mount a winning campaign at any time. Your donation today will keep Canada working and moving forward under the leadership of Paul Martin’s Liberals.

DONATE (Fear mongering ads cost money people!)

We are fortunate not to be going to the polls today. (We need more money duh) There is important work yet to do. But we also have to be ready to fight an election at a moment’s notice.

Please respond before Canada Day with your gift and help us keep Canada working.

Thank you in advance for supporting the Liberal Party’s Campaign for Canada today.

Happy Canada Day!

DONATE (Fear mongering ads cost a lot of money people!)

Mike Eizenga


P.S. Summer’s here – and we need your support to keep our Campaign for Canada moving forward
(It's a great clincher - I can use this line every season)

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