Hockey Enforcers 
Matt Fletcher asked whether I had seen this debacle:
Welcome to a world premere event, welcome to HOCKEY ENFORCERS!
A pay-per-view (PPV) sports spectacular, the likes of which has never seen before featuring players from all genres; former professionals, current professionals, and the toughest players that semi-pro and junior hockey has ever produced.
Watch 16 of the world’s toughest best hockey fighters throw down in a series of battles, presented in tournament style, to be crowed the champion. To advance, players will meet at center ice, when the puck drops, the gloves are off! Each on-ice fight will last a maximum of 60 seconds as part of a minimum “two fight knock-out” style tournament format.

Scanning through the fighter bios it looks like a lot of them come from the LNAH - the semi-pro league in Quebec that the instigator rule forgot.

In their 60 game season they had 33 players with over 200 PIMs. The NHL had 6 - in 84 games.

Oh, of course, Hockey Enforcers also has Enforcer Girls. No details on their contribution to the event.

On Matt's blog he asks "Is this what it has come to?" Nah. This would have happened regardless of a lockout.

By the way, wrt the lockout - according to Eklund: A Player Source, "We are really close to a vote."

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