Dosanjh's experts 
From CTV:
"I said yesterday not much stock should be placed in those tapes, my suspicions have come true, independent experts from (Ottawa radio station) CFRA have said the tapes have been doctored," Dosanjh said during Thursday's question period, referring to producers at the radio station.

CFRA producers have examined the .wav files of the tapes and offer their opinions.
Both believe the tapes have been edited.
Note: The following are the opinions of the producers and are not being presented as proof. Our producers are not forensic investigators.
Madely in the Morning technical producer Mike Murphy says that the first excerpt has two audible "clicks" where it appears that another piece of tape has been inserted. Murphy says that the clicks are visible by spikes in the .wav file (pictured above).
CFRA producer Barry Hayes says the background noise in the other tape could be proof of an edit. He say it appears that the part the Liberals claim was inserted into the tape may have come from another venue because of the difference in background noise.
Both said that the editing job looks "Amateurish". Murphy says that if he were teaching an editing course and a student turned this in, he or she would certainly fail the assignment.
However other explanations are being offered. One woman who called in to The Lowell Green Show told guest host Steve Madely that she uses a tape recorder and gets the same sort of clicks on the tape when the "speed" button is hit, perhaps by accident.
Another caller suggests that a sound sensitive microphone, known as VOX, could create the same clicking noise when it stops and starts the tape.
Most callers agree though, that to get to the bottom of the tape issue, an independent audio expert should be given the original tapes to examine.
Well, that solves it. Let me get my independent expert - my brother used to tape music years ago - to give his opinion too. Dosanjh is a joke.

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