Don't enforce the salary cap - be prepared to be sued 
This might have actually set quite the precidence if it went all the way. Instead, it was settled for a million bucks. Quite a sum for the CFL.

The expansion Ottawa Renegades ownership group - or certain members of it - were going to sue the CFL for "alleged false financial representations made when the team was purchased."

Basically, as I understand it, the league did not enforce it's salary cap creating a situation where the Renegades were put in a situation where they would have to raise their payroll to compete or stay under the cap and lose football games. Either way, they would lose money.

From TSN:
When the Renegades entered the CFL, their expansion agreement alluded to a league salary cap with penalties for violators. Watters claims those violations have never been punished and that a lack of enforcement of the cap led to the team's financial woes.

CFL commissioner Tom Wright has said he would like to have an enforceable salary cap in place for the 2006 season.

Any-who, the first home game for the Renegades is tomorrow night - Canada Day of course. I expect I'll see a lot of people in the neighbourhood (I live close to the stadium). I'll predict 25,000 fans.

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