This week or next - it won't change the results of the election. 
I think there should be an election now - period.

I think the Conservatives are right to push for a non-confidence vote and to argue that the vote tonight is one of non-confidence.

For Liberals, like the strategist on CBC Politics this morning did, to say that this vote tonight is like voting on changing your grocery list is living in La-la Land. I don't have an opinion on whether they are bound to ask to dissolve parliament over it but if they lose this vote, it is a big deal.

That being said, I don't think that during the course of the election campaign that it will matter whether the government fell on a budget vote or a non-confidence vote. I can't see the issues that will be discussed on the doorsteps, over the backyard fences, or wherever people discuss these things changing because of the mechanism to defeat the government.

Lisa: "I'm thinking of voting against the Liberals this time because of all this corruption that's come out in the Gomery inquiry."

Lucy: "Wait a minute. Didn't the government fall on the budget vote?"

Lisa: "Oh ya, you're right. I don't know very much about the budget details - hmmm, maybe I will vote Liberal again after all."

Lucy: "I'm thinking of voting NDP because they tried to make parliament work."

Lisa: "Good call Lucy."

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