Rat Packer 
Read this on Spector's site:
Paul Martin and his government should have resigned when the opposition won a vote in the Commons earlier this week, says Sheila Copps.
The former Liberal cabinet minister and leadership rival to Mr. Martin told a Hamilton TV station last night she is happy to be outside the political process right now "because I don't think I could defend the indefensible.
"They lost the vote, that's the confidence of the House. There should be an election."
Ms. Copps also said the prime minister lied last week when he suggested in an interview the Liberals wanted her to run in the last federal election and offered a seat to make it possible.
"Of course he's lying," Ms. Copps said. "He proved in the interview that he cannot tell the truth because in the interview he said he had offered the olive branch of a different seat for me, and at the time, if you remember, he said he had absolutely nothing to do with the offer of the seat and that he was not involved. It just shows once again that he cannot be trusted."

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