Paul Wells finally admits it! 
Finally - it's been proven that Conrad Black was right - Paul Wells is a flaming Liberal.

He finally admitted that he's personally intertwined with the Herle/Reid/Layton cabal:
(Full disclosure: my girlfriend began working for the federal NDP caucus a few months ago. She and I have not discussed the Layton-Martin deal.)

Looks like The Monger was right after all. (whatever happened to the rest of that post, and where did all of the Monger's posts go - oh, right - the cabal)

Seriously though, I suppose Wells gets it from both sides and felt a need to put that sentance in - the article was partly on the Liberal-NDP deal. Liberals and leftists probably accuse him of going too hard on Paul "Empty inside" Martin and Conservatives the same with Harper.

I think Wells is one of the best in the country. I'd say that my only general criticism of his view on Conservatives would be that his expectations seem higher for Harper than for Layton or Martin.

Ben - The Tiger in Winter - just wrote a post on Wells as well:
Paul Wells, in that he is a journalist with at least a modicum of integrity, is someone the rest of the profession should emulate. He's an equal-opportunity attacker.
One things for sure, if he starts complimenting Layton on his moustache and Martin on his stately physique then I'll know she's gotten to him.

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