Keith Fountain - Ottawa Centre candidate 
I went to the Ottawa Centre nomination meeting today. I wouldn't want to guess at how many people were there but it was a good sized crowd and we were presented with three fine candidates.

Keith Fountain won the nomination after a very successful speech. He let the speaker before him talk a bit about Keith's past - from his bio:
I studied at McGill and went straight from there to joining the Foreign Service in 1990, which has been a fascinating career. I have had postings abroad in Pakistan, Poland and Malaysia, and in 2003 I was the Charge d'affaires tasked with opening our Embassy in Kabul, Afghanistan (I am currently Deputy Director for Afghanistan at Foreign Affairs). In Ottawa, I have worked on trade policy, relations with India and I also was assigned to the Privy Council Office (the centre of government) for two years (2001-03).
In his speech, Keith talked about the Conservative plan for daycare as opposed to the Liberal/NDP plan. He talked about how the last Conservative government signed a acid rain treaty with the US and that smog can be tackled with a similar focus. He brought up all the Liberal spending increases and tied them to the taxes we currently pay. These issues were all presented forcefully and his energy showed as he talked about conservative solutions.
Check out his blog on his site. I'll be talking more about Keith and the situation in Ottawa Centre as we get nearer to an election campaign.

PS: Shouldn't Blogger's spell checker accept 'blog' as a word?

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