Hebert on Stronach 
If a 'Conservative' commenator disses Stronach, it's brushed aside as sour grapes. When Chantal Hebert does it....

Stronach has never run a government department. She has no hands-on knowledge of the inner workings of the bureaucracy and even less so of its interaction with the political side of government.
She is unfamiliar with the day-to-day running of parties in general and the Liberal party in particular.
On the face of it, knowledge of some or all of the aforementioned would seem to be prerequisites to oversee the successful implementation of the final report of Justice John Gomery.
Without it, Stronach might as well be wading blind in a minefield, at the mercy of the potentially self-interested guidance of partisan and bureaucratic handlers.
But perhaps even more important, Stronach has never demonstrated any particular attachment to the notion of an equal playing field in politics, one of the fundamental principles that those behind the sponsorship affair trampled on so happily on their way to turning public funds into partisan dollars.
If anything, she has spent her relatively short time in political life levelling the field to her own advantage, using her considerable wealth to offset her inexperience by buying the best mercenary advice money can buy.
But then, that is an approach to politics Martin would be hard-pressed to quarrel with!

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