Harper's Statement 
I think it is important to recognize that most of this statement was made to Quebec....

I want to make a bit of a statement, Conservative colleagues and fellow Canadians, who may be watching this.
Tonight, Parliament has voted by the slimmest of margins to keep the Liberal party in office for the time being. Well, I regret this decision deeply. It has shown now more than ever the necessity of a strong, united and principled opposition dedicated to replacing this government.
Tonight, the Liberals bought a victory, one that will sow the seeds of its own destruction, one that will present our party with great opportunities. In adopting a budget proposed by the NDP and engaging in an unprecedented and irresponsible series of spending promises, the Liberal party of Canada has fatally undermined its commitment to fiscal responsibility.
In creating a Parliamentary environment where the only Quebec MPs to vote against corruption were the separatists, the Liberal Party has created an enormous need for new federalist champion in the province of Quebec.
Finally, in setting out to win tonight's vote at all costs, the Prime Minister and the Liberal Party have again displayed, in the full view of all honest, hard-working Canadians, the very lack of principle and integrity that underlies their corruption and scandals.
In other words, while tonight's vote is an unfortunate result for this country at the moment, it will provide us Conservatives with persuasive arguments for change when Canadians finally and inevitably head to the polls.
We have to be frank with Canadians. Nowhere will tonight's result be more poorly received than in Quebec. So please allow me to take a few moments to speak to our fellow Canadians.
[In French] Tonight, I want to offer my sincere apologies to all Quebeckers. As a federalist and an English Canadian, I am embarrassed and I profoundly regret that our Parliament has decided this evening to maintain its confidence in a corrupt party. This vote was won because of the shameless efforts made by this party to buy votes. I am also embarrassed, and I profoundly regret that the only members of Parliament from Quebec to vote against corruption were sovereigntists. And I do hope that when the time inevitably comes to choose a new Parliament, you, Quebeckers, will not move away from Canada because of Liberal corruption.
As leader of the of the Opposition, I undertake to do everything I can to work with the Quebeckers out there who want a new government, a new government with integrity that respects the autonomy of the provinces and that understands the aspirations of all Quebeckers.
I am also very much aware of the fact that I should be doing more to build roots in Quebec for our party and to win the confidence of Quebeckers. I will be making that a personal priority. And this evening, as leader of the Conservative party, I want to express my disappointment that the Parliament of Canada did not show itself able to meet the aspirations of Quebeckers, the events of recent weeks leave us stronger. You may have lost tonight's battle, but you've done it in order to win the war.
The position that every man and woman in this caucus took tonight was the tough position. Every one of you was willing to put your jobs on the line for the sake of this country. Thank you for doing that.
I saw a couple of Senators after I said that, too. We thank you for your advice and your full support. Those in this room have stuck by the plan that we all agreed to and refused to be shaken by the polls. You have resisted every opportunity to take unethical payoffs and rewards, and you've stuck by your principles, yet also demonstrated pragmatism and accommodation for other members of our team. These lessons will serve us in good stead for the day — when the day comes, and come it will, for us to give Canadians a new government. Not one that will divide Parliament by acts of corruption and desperation, but one that will unite Canada so that it can achieve all of its destiny and its wills. Thank you very much."

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