Harper Liberals 
Kevin at PolSpy:
I voted Green last election - it was like abstaining. I was going to sit this one out by voting with the Greens again but then, for the last time, Mr. Martin called me an idiot by claiming "no deals were made". Only a doofus would believe that "no deals were made", when they can hear the deal being made.
So, despite my small l leanings, I'll be actively campaigning for the CPC. Once the DNS propagates you'll be able to read about it here and at HarperLiberals.ca
I think it's a legitimate reason to vote Conservative. Many say, "Well, I can't punish the Liberals because I don't like the Conservatives". Well, fine. We all have to balance our priorities. I would expect to see LaytonLiberals.ca and GreenLiberals.ca as well after this shameful display by Martin's team of Liberals.

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