Globe and Mail: Christian activists capturing Tory races 
Scary, scary, scary.

Who are these Christian activists and will they actually win their ridings?

Riding: Halifax - Andrew House is a lawyer in Halifax
2004 election results: Tories 3rd place, 12,000 votes behind the NDP and 11,000 behind the Liberals

Riding: Halifax West - Rakesh Khosla - from Khosla Fisheries in Halifax?
2004 election results: Tories 3rd place, 11,000 votes behind the Liberals and 3,000 behind the NDP

Riding: Sackville-Eastern Shore - Paul Francis is a pastor of Gateway Community Church in Sackville
2004 election results: Tories 3rd place, 9,000 behind the NDP and 3,000 behind the Liberals

These three Nova Scotian candidates are mentioned because of the following rally reported in the Halifax Herald last week:
Three weeks ago, the Annapolis Valley Fellowship of Churches held a rally in support of maintaining the definition of marriage as a union of a man and a woman.
The Kentville gathering drew 700 people. A table was set up in back and people were encouraged to become members of the Conservative Party of Canada so they could help elect candidates in the federal ridings of Halifax, Halifax West and Sackville-Eastern Shore.
An information sheet stated, "We need strong Christian, pro-family people to become members of Parliament from our area to represent us in Ottawa. Here's your chance to make that a reality."
Rev. Tristan Emmanual, a Presbyterian from Ontario, was at the rally. He encouraged Christians to end the division between church and state and get politically involved.
The candidates listed on the information paper - Andrew House in Halifax, Rakesh Khosla in Halifax West and Paul Francis in Sackville-Eastern Shore - all won their nominations.

Damn Presbyterian Minister sticking his nose into politics. And those power lusting Conservative candidates allowing supporters.

The other ridings:

Riding: Ajax - Rondo Thomas is a top official with the Canada Christian College
2004 election results: Tories 2nd place, 7,000 behind the Liberals, 9,000 ahead of the NDP

Riding: Richmond - Darrel Reid is a past president of Focus on the Family
2004 election results: Tories 2nd place, 4,000 behind the Liberals, 8,000 ahead of the NDP

Riding: North Vancouver - Cindy Silver was the executive director of the Christian Legal Fellowship for two years in the 1990s
2004 election results: Tories 2nd place, 2,000 behind the Liberals, 11,000 ahead of the NDP

Riding: New Westminster-Burnaby - Marc Dalton has been the pastor of a community church in Burnaby.
2004 election results: Tories 3rd place, 2,000 votes behind the NDP and 2,000 behind the Liberals

Pretty scary stuff. Possibly 3 or 4 additional caucus members would be ministers, or worked for Christian organizations.

I'm waiting for next week's headline in the Globe:
Gay rights activists winning Tory nominations in Ontario!
John Baird, Keith Fountain, and Peter Kent recently won their nominations
where they indicated they would support same-sex marriage legislation....

If you are in favour of same-sex marriage you are a moderate. If you are in favour of keeping marriage heterosexual you are a bible thumper with a hidden agenda meaning you also want all sorts of unmentionable changes to our society.

Let's not make things more complex than that - okay - the public doesn't need to be confused.

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