CFL in Ottawa 
The Gliebermans are back in the ownership chair. Our football team had a rough time of it last year - injuries, poor play, and poor attendance.
Going into this year, the team is in a tough bind after losing players - partially due to the ownership uncertainty. Financially, this story says it all:
In figures released by the team last season, an average of 23,160 fans attended games at Frank Clair Stadium. Lisowski, however, said that actual paid attendance was 16,300 -- which was up from 15,800 the year before.
"All the rest were comps," he said. "We papered the house because we couldn't get people to buy tickets."
According to Lisowski, the Renegades lost $2 million in 2004 (which doesn't include more than $2 million made by the franchise in hosting the Grey Cup) as well as $4.4 million in 2003 and $3.6 million in 2002.
But Lisowski still thinks there's hope. "If we could get 18,000-18,500, we could break even," he said.

The optimists will say that the Gliebermans bank account will take the team through this tough period as the team works to create on-field success. Attendance will follow success.

Pessimists will say that this team is a joke - again.

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