Blogging Tories raised over $4,000 
The Blogging Tories Challenge wrapped up on the weekend and while we didn't hit our goal of $10,000, which I had basically picked out of the air, I think we should be proud of our accomplishment.

We ended up raising $4,124. Thanks to all that participated and contributed.

I wrote that we needed to help raise funds so that an effective, professional campaign can be mounted to show Canadians what the Conservative Party stands for and to counter the Liberal campaign of lies and misrepresentation.

New Tory candidate Peter Kent had this to say about why he decided to run for the Conservatives:
Mr. Kent said he has considered a political bid at times in the past 20 years, and that the "tipping point was the way [the Liberals] got away with demonizing and scare-mongering a year ago," a reference to the election campaign of last June in which Stephen Harper's Tories were criticized as hiding a plan to make broad social changes such as legislating against abortion rights.
"I've always been frustrated and irritated by the ability of the Liberals to divide and conquer in terms of casting anyone with conservative principles as having hidden agendas," said Mr. Kent, who will take a leave of absence from his Global duties when the election is called, expected to be sometime this month. "There's a willingness among the Southern Ontario electorate to believe what the Liberal establishment says, whether it's misrepresentation or distortion or just outright ... lies," he said.

It's one of the main reasons I started blogging as well.

UPDATE: If you want to hear Peter Kent, CTV has some video on their site after Harper introduces him. The video is on the right-hand sidebar.

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