More questions.... 
A commenter to my post on Kinsella last week wrote the following:

How is Kinsella being on the payroll of a B.C. advertising firm any different from all the Quebec Liberal political operatives on the payroll of Groupaction?
While undoubtedly pulling in a 6 figure salary, he continued to pursue his political machinations, even running for the Liberals in the 1997 election. He even seemed to have time left over to write newspaper columns, books and play in punk bands.
The value of Kinsella's political connections to Chr├ętien is undeniable, but how much work he did really do for Palmer Jarvis? Kinsella has some explaining to do. No wonder he holds Gomery in such contempt.
I also read this in Jim Travers column in the Star today:

If paying party workers with taxpayer dollars worked in Quebec, then why not elsewhere? In fact, way back in 2002 The Toronto Star reported that similar tactics were allegedly used coast-to-coast.
In Atlantic Canada, a fantasy federal contract is said to have paid a provincial Liberal campaign organizer. Out West, a prospective candidate's salary was allegedly reimbursed through inflated advertising payments.
Neither case has been tested in court or heard by Gomery, who is narrowly focused on Quebec. And it's also true there is little incentive to break what until now has been a circle of silence protected with all the ferocity of junkyard dogs.
Will Brault's surprisingly candid revelations finally expose all that noise as just the yapping of those with much to hide?

(emphasis mine)

We'll see. To be clear --> Travers never mentions Kinsella and I'm not implying anything.

My readers aren't the only curious people. Somebody else was wondering about Palmer Jarvis around the time of Kinsella's arrival - here's an Access to Information request from last year:
TBS2003000320 - Treasury Board of Canada Secretariat Date received: 2004-04-06
I request certain records that pertain to federal government advertising contracts awarded to Palmer Jarvis from 1994 through 1996. The documents I request are a list of contracts, or the contracts themselves, including the budgets, for all the advertising contracts awarded from all federal government agencies to the advertising company Palmer Jarvis during 1994, 1995 and 1996.

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