Momentum stopped? 
Just $300 raised yesterday by the group - our worst day yet.

Did the Layton (our new Minister of Recycling) /Martin deal get Conservative supporters down? Maybe tax time made you realize you didn't have as much laying around as you thought - though wouldn't that be a reason to help the Tories?

Regardless, it looks like it's going to be tough to hit $10,000.

Four days left in the challenge.

I wanted to also say this - listened to Jack Layton on CBC radio this morning (both CFRA and the sports radio were on commercial and CBC was on when I hit the FM button) and I thought it was a little strange to hear him say, in talking about the Conservatives, that the NDP "isn't out to score political points" - they want to "make parliament work". The interviewer kept trying to get a straight answer out of him about when/if they would again consider supporting a non-confidence motion. Jack said as soon as the budget passed "it's open season".
Does this seem contradictory to you?

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