Last post before Monday 
I wrote a long post on the BlogsCanada E-Group - that site that many right-wingers and left-wingers both think is biased the other way (it's the Canadian blogosphere's Question Period sometimes) - giving some reasons why I think Martin should be tossed from the Prime Minister's Office. He's not the right guy to fix the system - it can't be "fixed". It requires a culture change.

Thanks to Keith and Tom (If it helps us get a right honest government it might be the best investment I've ever made.), I'm up to $210 for the Blogging Tory Challenge. The group total is over $1,500 and more bloggers are joining in.

If you think the Conservative Party needs help to get their message out to voters - that the Liberals and the mainstream media misrepresents the policies and personalities of the CPC then help us meet our goal.

This should remind you of what I'm talking about - courtesy of Mark Steyn via the Western Standard:
"The minute an election’s declared, the CBC and the Toronto Star will come on side and we’ll stop getting features on Adscam and start getting in-depth investigations on Tory plans to bring back back-street abortions and mandatory readings of Leviticus in gay bath-houses."

Oh, it's funny but you know it's not far off the mark. Good night.

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