Hey, the sun did come up! 
Here's one comment from Coyne's blog that I read twice:

Polls move. Nobody will hand us this election, we have to earn it. I think now is the time because we will have another few "Gomery Bombs" dropped in the pre writ and perhaps even during the campaign. Dithers has shot his bolt, what's he going to do when the next revelation starts the Libs back down, go back on national TV? That was a one-time use maneouvre. I think he probably will wish he had waited, but the spin obsessed PMO never seems to think ahead more than one week.
Time to get to work. Talk to your friends and neighbours, volunteer to canvass and donate.

I liked it.

The polls in Ontario - not just the CTV one but for years - tell me that people in Ontario and the GTA seem to be looking for a reason not to vote for the Tories - and I don't think it's based on policy differences - it's the Reform brand and Harper himself. He's ~oooooh~ scary. How do you get over this sentiment.

I think the only way is for Harper to be seen on TV, read in the papers, and heard on the radio constantly. Get people so sick of him talking about everything that instead of thinking him scary they think of him as something else - honest, boring, just another politician, angry, funny, conservative, whatever.

Once people can think of him in those terms he's not 'scary'. It would be so much easier to convince them to vote Conservative after that.

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