Blogging Tory Challenge 
I think, with the possibility of an election increasing, the Blogging Tories should put our money where our mouths are.

I propose a challenge to the group.

I propose we try to raise a minimum of $10,000 for the Conservative Party by the end of month. There are about 80 members of the Blogging Tories so if each of us can raise on average $125 we reach the goal.

Ask readers to go to the Conservative Party donation page and contribute. Tell the readers to, after they donated, comment the amount they donated so the Blogging Tory member can keep track of their total.

I'll ask Stephen Taylor to post a running total at the Blogging Tories homepage as the members inform him of their totals.

The Conservative Party saw the Liberals run brutal misleading TV, radio, and print ads infront of the Canadian public last year. Let's help give the party the resources it needs to tell Canadians what the Conservative Party really stands for so they can make an informed choice.

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