Warren Kinsella's links to Adscam keep turning up... 
Speaking of Kinsella, since there are some other things I wanted to say before I ease up on posting, I should note here some other activities in Kinsella's google record:

1993-95: Executive Assistant to Dingwall, Minister of Public Works and Government Services - memos the Deputy Minister that Guite should be placed in charge of sponsorships.

1996-97: Leaves Dingwall to become counsel at Palmer Jarvis - an adverstising firm in BC

1996: Palmer Jarvis one of five firms to receive $50,000 for design of the Unity office logo

1997: Loses election in North Vancouver riding during General Election - (Palmer Jarvis donates $10,000)

2005: Sponsorship Inquiry:

MR. COURNOYER: If we go to page 118 under Tab 17, we have a number of fax
reports or fax sheets. At 118 we have a fax that is dated August 27th, 1996.
Were you aware that Mr. Guité was exchanging information with Mr. Warren
Kinsella at Palmer Jarvis about this?
MS. MARLEAU: Absolutely not. That would be highly unusual. Mr. Kinsella had been the Executive Assistant to Minister Dingwall. My understanding was that he had left Minister Dingwall’s office. So that is unusual. But I couldn’t tell you more about it. I wasn’t aware of it.
MR. COURNOYER: You didn’t have -- well, superficially, that is what the document seems to be, a fax sent to Mr. Kinsella.

UPDATE: I wondered on this post on the BlogsCanada E-Group why Kinsella continues to get time and space in the MSM when he's as tangled up in the Adscam mess as he is.

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