Shilling for Bettman 
Of course, these two guys have no respect and don't care about the game....

"Guys are talking now about starting up the World Hockey Association again?" he told the Tribune.
"That's the same WHA with the $10 million salary cap? And some players took jobs in the Eastern League, with a cap of $500 a week? But they don't want one in the NHL? Boggles my mind. If you believe in no cap, then how can you play in a league that has one?
'Grapes' told reporters in Edmonton Thursday he believed that if locked out NHL players are taking jobs over in Europe, it should go both ways.
"I hope there isn't but if there is and I hear any player criticize a replacement, they're going to get it from me," he said.
"Talk about hypocrites. They go over to Europe, 400 of them, and take those jobs. As far as I'm concerned all those guys over there are scabs."

Also, some interesting dirt from the NHLPA meeting:
What wasn't reported out of the NHL players meetings earlier this week was a near-punchup argument between Tie Domi and executive council member Bill Guerin.
Goodenow did promise his membership, though, that there would be no more negotiating sessions without his presence

Domi was also on the FAN in Toronto and basically called Pierre Maguire a liar for saying that large % of players want to play - basically that they would have taken the owner's offer.

Goodenow and Bettman should be in pretty much every meeting - if nothing is done they should be held accountable. The responsibilities should not fall on Linden, Saskin, Daly, etc.

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