Rod Bryden 
From Adscam yesterday:
The cost of the corporate box was buried in a two-year sponsorship package the government bought for the Ottawa Senators' 1997-98 and 1998-99 season.
The sponsorship contract, worth about $600,000, ended up costing taxpayers more than $1 million once the various fees, commissions -- and cost of the hidden box -- were added in.
It all left Judge Gomery a bit baffled yesterday. He said he couldn't understand how wining and dining in boxes helped promote Canada's visibility.
"I could see perhaps in a visibility program the advantage of banners or signs in the Corel Centre with the word Canada on them. but I'm trying to see how social activities in a box can increase the visibility of Canada for the public."

But Judge - don't ignore the issue of even adverstising in the Corel Centre at all - as the people in the Ottawa area aren't separatists and already hear about "Canada" daily in the papers, radio, etc.

Maybe someone should mention something about the straights the Senators were in and the ties owner Rod Bryden, former President of the Liberal Party, had to 'the right people'.

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