I'm not going to the convention in a couple of weeks but I wish I was. There will be lots of discussion surrounding this resolution - from Bound by Gravity:
A Conservative government will restore democratic accountability in the House of Commons by allowing free votes. A Conservative government will make all votes free, except for the budget and main estimates. On issues of moral conscience, such as abortion, the definition of marriage and euthanasia, the party acknowledges the diversity of deeply held personal convictions among individual party members and the right of Members of Parliament to adopt positions in consultation with their constituents and to vote freely.

Note: If resolution P-90 is passed at the plenary, the plenary will not consider resolutions P-91 through P-95.

Brent describes P-91 through P-95 in some detail, but I'll be more concise:
P-91 - Issues of Conscience
P-92 - Definition of Marriage
P-93 - Abortion
P-94 - Ban on partial birth abortions
P-95 - Euthanasia, assisted suicide, palliative care

Andrew feels that the party needs positions on the 5 issues and cannot afford to pass P-90 and leave the media to uncover a hidden agenda. I've often felt the same way.

The interesting thing is that this is exactly the debate that is occurring in the party. Even during my Ottawa-Centre riding policy meeting a few months ago you could see that this aspect of party policy was the most difficult one.

Probably a half an hour was spent on debating the free vote policy wording but in the end nothing was changed. Similarily, I expect that P-90 will pass and the 5 other resolutions will not proceed.

I anxiously await the outcome.

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