The Ottawa Senators 2005-06 
So, after hearing the players yesterday I think we can start planning for replacement players.

One trivial thing will be the effect it will have on hockey pools - yes, I know it's high on everyone's priority list. Imagine sitting around the draft table trying to decide if the PA will make a deal and therefore go with the stars of 2003-4. Pick the guys you think will cross the line, etc.

Anyway, I started thinking about what the Senators lineup would look like if they went with replacement players.

Of the previous lineup here's where I think they'd stand:

Emery, Ray --> would cross
Pothier, Brian --> would cross
de Vries, Greg --> would cross
Vermette, Antoine --> would cross
Volchenkov, Anton --> would cross
Neil, Chris --> would cross
White, Todd --> would cross
Langfeld, Josh --> would cross
Kelly, Chris --> would cross

Prusek, Martin --> continue playing in Europe
Hasek, Dominik --> play in Europe - NHL career done
Chara, Zdeno --> continue playing in Europe
Phillips, Chris --> continue playing in Europe
Havlat, Martin --> continue playing in Europe
Alfredsson, Daniel --> continue playing in Europe
Fisher, Mike --> continue playing in Europe
Schaefer, Peter --> continue playing in Europe
Hossa, Marian --> continue playing in Europe
Varada, Vaclav --> continue playing in Europe
Redden, Wade --> would wait
Spezza, Jason --> would wait
Smolinski, Bryan --> would wait

Farm teamers that would play:

Denis Hamel
Brandon Bochenski
Pat Kavanagh
Brian McGratton


Shaun Van Allen --> come out of retirement?
Curtis Leschyshyn --> another year?
Rob Ray --> ?

What do you think? - what players would play on other teams?

What I think would be a sure thing is that the league would look a lot more North American in it's makeup.

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