Nixon cancels Watergate investigation 
Andrew Coyne's column is worth reading if you haven't already:

So now we are left with the Gomery inquiry. Imperfect as it is, imperfect as he is, Judge Gomery is our last hope. And the former Prime Minister’s men are doing
their best to destroy him. The public vilification, the private whispers to the press, and now this phoney appeal to the Federal Court -- a case that has no legal merit whatever, but is designed solely for public consumption -- form part of a disturbing pattern of intimidation. Though they have not actually sent the RCMP to harass him, as they did to the former president of the BDC, it is the nearest thing to it.

There are laws about this sort of thing. Mr. Chretien is, if memory serves, a lawyer. So are many of his henchmen. I do not know what may be the practice in Quebec, but according to the rules of conduct of the Law Society of Upper Canada, while “proceedings and decisions of courts and tribunals are properly subject to scrutiny and criticism,” a lawyer has a special obligation to “avoid criticism that is petty, intemperate, or unsupported by a bona fide belief in its real merit...” More broadly, lawyers are not supposed to mock the courts, or recklessly impugn a judge’s mpartiality.

I’d say golf balls and “Gomery Pyle” references would count, wouldn’t you?

As I wrote last week - there is a conspiracy of silence in the MSM. It will take a shocking revelation at the inquiry for them to be forced to acknowledge the truth.

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