More rumours 
I love hockey rumours and Eklund's site is one of the best.

According to several player sources the PA is working on a framework of a new proposal that will be of more interest to the owners...These talks are very serious and I expect following the three days we will be on the way to a settlement....

Some teams are starting to try and get a jump on FA signings...A source told me this morning this:"once the lockout has ended the Leafs will announce the signings of Jason Allison and Byron Dafoe." I have also heard rumors involving Paul Kariya and the Flyers.


2002-03 Atlanta Thrashers
17 games
4.36 goals against average
5 wins
11 losses
1 ties
0.862 save %

2003-04 Atlanta Thrashers
18 games
3.14 goals against average
4 wins
11 losses
1 ties
0.898 save %

So, he's won 9 games in the past three years. Sign him up Leafs!

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