Middaugh loses again 
Wayne Middaugh's Ontario rink lost their fifth game this morning putting them our of contention for the playoffs.

This, from TSN, caught my attention earlier today:
"I'm here to have a good time," he said. "I took a week-and-a-half's vacation to be here but I'm not only going to curl, I'm going to have a good time. I'm going to stay out late, have a few diet beverages . . . This is my holiday."
Middaugh realizes he's in the twilight of his career. And if he were to retire tomorrow it's not his Brier championships he would want to be remembered for. "I would like to be remembered as somebody who has a ton of integrity for the ethics of the game and played to win."

I think, at this point, he'll be remembered more for lost potential on the national stage. A money player perhaps? I don't think those are contradictions in curling.

The Brier has always been separate from the cash/skins - a team with a legacy has had to earn it at the Brier.

But, hey, he's only 37. Twilight of his career? In curling, there's a long twilight.

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