Harper's greatest test 
Lots of good debate on P-90.

Coyne's talking about it here:

I agree with Harper: this is a matter best settled by individual MPs voting their consciences. You take a stand as a party on the things you agree on. You leave the rest to MPs and their constituents.
The critics at the E-Group have an outlet over here:

So the position of the party on these issues will be whatever Stevie says they are when he needs votes. Don't rock the boat in the meantime.
Andrew has more over here:
How do you think that would play out in the media?
In my opinion I think the MSM would probably avoid printing the proposed canned statement, and instead would proceed to flog the "hidden agenda" story even harder. P-90 does not seem to be in the CPC's best interests.
And points to Matt's thoughts:
The CPC adopting P-90 at their convention doesn't really help them in and of itself, but living it could help them tremendously - and it's really the only thing that can.
And Brents thoughts:

If resolution P-90 is voted down, we can then vote for resolution P-91 and get what the grassroots want without having to swallow the poison pill contained in resolution P-90.
This is going to be Harper biggest test of leadership.

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