We just looked at the polls 
Posted to Jim Elve's E-Group.

I suppose there are many reasons to refuse to "sign on" to missile defence.

Too bad Canadians aren't given any by their government.

Also, one would expect that the Prime Minister and the Foreign Affairs Minister, in the course of deliberations, would have talked about the scenario where there is a missle in Canadian airspace, no?
Martin said he would expect to be consulted on what to do about any missile passing over Canada.
Foreign Affairs Minister Pierre Pettigrew, however, seemed to indicate the ultimate decision lies in U.S. hands - whether or not Canada ever joins the missile shield.
"Would it have been otherwise?" he replied when asked whether Canada's refusal to join means the country now officially relies on the United States for protection.
I guess the polls didn't indicate that there would be any missiles - why would they waste their time on that? At least none before the next election.

UPDATE: Watch Pettigrew on Canada AM - what a joke.

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