I watched the press conference and watching Goodenow answer this one was pathetic.
QUESTION: In his opening comments this afternoon, Gary Bettman made an apology to the fans. Does the NHL PA have any apology to the fans at all or owe them one.

MR. GOODENOW (rolling his eyes as the question is asked) : Absolutely an apology to all the fans, and speaking on behalf of all the players up here, they didn't want to be locked out. They didn't want to be not allowed to entertain the fans. Gary owes an apology because he started the lock out. He put all this in motion, and the proposals that these players have put forward, in particular, the roll back, which would have made the league successful in one fell swoop, very serious steps were taken, and, you know, yes, we apologize to the fans for this situation, this circumstance, and the fans can say, what are you going to do about it? Well, we've done an awful lot, we feel, to get to a fair resolution, and unfortunately,ly, it's the other side that we haven't been
able to make a contact with, and it's unfortunate that this situation will continue. That's all I can say.

Do you see the apology? I don't see the apology?

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